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Last days of Winter session (A parent/guardian can accompany their child during the last 1/2 an hour of their Winter class to see their skills and take pictures)


Monday-April 3rd

Tuesday-MORNING (9:30am & 11:00am) class-March 28th

Tuesday-AFTERNOON (4:30pm and later) is April 4th

Thursday-March 30th

Friday-March 31st

Saturday-April 1st

Sunday-April 2nd




The club emails participants when important notices and/or cancellations may occur.  Please sign into your account to confirm your phone numbers and emails are up to date and current so you won’t miss important updates.


Entering/Exiting the gym


We respectfully ask that you don’t enter the gym until 5 minutes prior to your class time to avoid unnecessary congestion in the hallway.  It’s very overwhelming trying to assist children leaving classes when the next class is trying to filter in.  Your assistance in trying to have a smoother drop off and pick up is greatly appreciated.


Lost & Found


There are so many bottles left behind each week and we line each of them in the hallway for students to see and hopefully claim them.  Please have your child check our lost and found to make sure they didn’t misplace their water bottle.


Spring Registration


CBGA will be offering a 9-week Spring session tentatively scheduled to begin the first week of April.  Spring schedule is posted on this website   Cost is $210.00 for the Spring session.


 ALL registration & payment will need to be completed through our online registration system.


Storm/Cancellation Days


Reminder that CBGA does NOT follow school board cancellation days.

Morning classes (if cancelled) will be updated on our voice mail 902-567-1603 & Facebook by 7:00am

Afternoon classes (if cancelled) will be updated on our voice mail 902-567-1603 & Facebook by 3:00pm

The club will only post if classes ARE closed/cancelled.

CBGA will not make up the first class cancelled due to weather, but any additional cancellations will be added to the end of the schedule.


Upon registering online, your child must be the age of the class requirements when the first class is scheduled; otherwise, it will not allow you to fully register and pay for the session.  A request would be sent to the office to be approved or denied for that specific class.

Mobile Site: If you search on a a mobile device, you may to refer to the left-hand corner to select "Home" page to view all up-to-date information.

All registration will be accepted through our online registration system and must be paid in full to confirm a spot in a Fall Program.  Full registration through our system involves full payment and confirmation class email to you address.




The balance on a student's account can be paid by signing into your account and using a visa/mc to complete registration.  If you have an issue with online payments, please email the office at



All girls are required to wear a bodysuit (with or without little shorts) with the exception of our Mom/Dad and me classes.  Hair MUST be tied back, and sock feet or bare feet are fine.


DROP OFF recreation classes:

All classes age 3+ are Drop Off classes which means all children attending must be comfortable attending classes independently and be fully toilet trained.


Thanks again from all coaches and Board members at CBGA

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