Frequently Asked Questions


When does Fall 2022  programs begin?

Tent Date to begin:  Friday, September 9th 2022


What is the cost of the program?

$270.00 (+Additional $8.00)   IClass On line credit card payments are subject to a 2.99% additional fee. 

These prices are subject to credit card processing fees, but include all administrative fees & insurance)


When can I register?

Online Fall 2022 registration is open to current Winter 2022 Students from March 7th-March 10th

General Registration opens on July 12th 2022 and will remain open until September 1st..    

There will NOT be an in house Registration for the Fall 2022


I was enrolled in Spring 2022 so can I transfer my enrollment to Fall 2022?

The club will email all previous Spring students to notify them of  Fall registration, but it will be a first come first situation for Fall 2022. 


How long are the sessions?
Fall 2022 Program is running for 12 weeks.


How do I register for Fall  2022?

On-line registration is opening  July 12th 2022 and the link is on our main page of our website.  If you do not have online access, please contact the gym at 567-1603.


Does my child need any experience?

All our programs are recreational and open to all ages. Our staff will develop groups according to age and experience.


Is there a registration fee?

Registration for Fall, Winter and Spring terms depend on duration of program, Gymnastics Nova Scotia insurance fees and administration fees..​


Do you offer discounts for multiple children and/or classes?

Families with three  or more children enrolled will receive a $50.00 discount beginning at the  third  child.

Children who attend two recreational classes per week will receive $50.00 discount for the second class



What should my child wear?

Girl participants are required to wear a bodysuit WITHOUT any attachments, sharp elements or tutu's.

Bodysuits are available for sale at the club

Boy participants are required to wear shorts and tank top or form fitting shirts. Bare feet preferred



How many children are there in each class?

Every class varies, however our coach/child ratio is 6-1 for ages three to five, 8-1 for ages six through twelve, 10-1 for ages thirteen and up


Do you do testing and are there levels?

Staff incorporate lesson plans and skill guides through the CanGym testing program.

CBGA has a guideline for age/skill level and are encorporated and monitored by higher level coach's in the gym. 


What are your Covid Rules/Guidelines?
CBGA follows all rules/guidelines put forward by Public Health and Sport Nova Scotia and as updates are put forward, CBGA will post them on our website.


Are your coaches trained?

Yes, our coaches are trained through NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program).  Our young female competitive gymnasts volunteer on Saturday mornings while supervised by recreation coaches. Our competitive athletes are highly motivated to encourage young childrent to develop a passion for our sport.


 Does your children need to be toilet trained for the 3+/Drop off class?
Yes, All children in our 3+ classes must be fully toilet trained for a drop off classs.

Do you offer Day camps On PD Days.?

 CGBA may host day camps on PD, frequently check our website for updates.



Do parents stay during the class?
Mom/Dad and Me Programs-ONE parent/guardian permitted to attend class with their child.  If a parent/guardian has a pre-walker/infant child, they may take them to class.

Children with special needs or a medical conditions that requires continued care are required to have a person stay throughout their class.  Each individual case may differ so please check with a staff member, otherwise due to the limited space available, parents are unable to stay during class.

We do ask that children are dropped off in time for class as warm up is a crucial part of the program in an effort to eliminate the possibility of injury. Also, we ask parents to make sure to be at the gym to pick up their children five minutes prior to class ending.