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The staff at CBGA are all highly trained through the National Coaching Certification Program. We take pride in continued professional development and staying abreast to new and outstanding programming so that we can being you only the best classes we can offer. Athletes can become part of our Coach In Training Program and work part-time while training and/or strive for a very rewarding career in coaching. Stop by the club to meet the staff anytime, they'd be happy to see you!


Get to know us...

Cathy is the Executive Director/ Administrator at CBGA and brings 20 years of experience working in a recreational and competitive setting.  Cathy has graduated from CBU with her Sports Degree and currently certified Level 2 Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline.

Cathy Huntington
Donna Peach      Retired

Donna was a Competitive coach with our program for over 30 years. Her experience and dedication to our program has been an asset to our club and coaching staff.

Level 3 certified in Women's Artistic gymnastics and currently hold a Level 2 Trampoline certification.

Cory Munroe

Cory is a full time student in Neuroscience at Dal, but still remains a very active part of our Competitive program, office administration and certified Judge in the Province.  Cory has a Degree in Kinesiology and Level 2 Coaching certification in competitive gymnastics.  Cory also competed in National championships and Canada Games representing Nova Scotia.

Recreation and Competitive Coaches


Jessica Hickey                                           Tessa Matheson             Tian Campbell                                             Taylor Hoban
Erika Pinhorn                                              Leah Moore
Emma MacPherson                                      Emma Curtis
Emily MacEachern                                      Evony Robertson
Hannah MacInnis                                         Bianca Ardelli
Ivy Leon                                                       Aleea Burke
Maggie MacPherson                                    Sloane Gillis                  Tracy Ardelli                                               Sophia Ardelli                                             

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